Featured Product - The Baller Kit (Available NOW)

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The Baller Kit - A.K.A The 50 round pistol - 1 gram heavier than a standard T8.1 with 6x the capacity. Dual wielding and shield bearing has never been more fun!

Who We Are?

My name is Samuel Hodder and I am the sole owner and operator of Sellswords Paintball. I am also a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Paintball started for me almost 9 years ago when I got my first marker and since then I have been buying and selling guns and gear almost constantly. As club days became few and far between, I moved towards tinkering and modifying my markers into unique one of kind pieces. Eventually I started selling internationally, at which point I realized that parts in NZ are far too expensive to be feasible long term.
And then I got my first 3D printer. After a good year of the self-taught learning curve, I was able to make far more ambitious parts, faster and better than ever before. After the enormous amount of positive support and feedback I received, I launched Sellswords Paintball in January 2017. Since then I have only grown - I am now teaming up with my brother (and his CNC) to offer real wood, stained and varnished CNC'd options. Sellswords Paintball is only going up from here!

The Goal

Designing and creating unique things has always been my passion. If I can turn that into my full-time job, that would be perfect! But not creating just anything. I have my eyes set on creating a new class of paintball - The love child of Stock Class and Magfed.
Hopefully one day I can either open my own field, or become a designer for law enforce or a one the larger paintball companies.
But that all starts here, with your support 🙂